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Educators concerned about house committee chair

(Baton Rouge – January 29, 2016) Leaders of the state’s two largest public education organizations are expressing concern over the appointment of State Representative Nancy Landry as chairperson of the House Education Committee. Speaker of the House Taylor Barras announced the appointment late Thursday afternoon.

As a champion of former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s controversial education agenda, Rep. Landry has been a vocal advocate of the corporate model of education reform. She’s often been at odds with educators, according to Louisiana Association of Educators President Debbie Meaux and Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan.

“Rep. Landry has often been one of the most ideologically driven members of the House Education Committee,” Monaghan said. “As we move forward, we hope that she exercises her authority as chair fairly and with respect for all stakeholders.”

“The division of interests in any sector of public education is unfortunate,” Meaux said. “What we must focus on instead is overcoming our differences by making a commitment to constructively collaborate on K-12 education policies that promote positive outcomes for Louisiana’s children. We’re on board - we always have been and always will be. We just need Representative Landry to work with us.”

Leaders of both groups agree that a hyper partisan atmosphere on the education committee is not in the best interest of Louisiana’s teachers, parents and children.

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